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In 2003 the non-profit Society for Small Molecule Science took shape as a volunteer-run framework created primarily to organize the CoSMoS annual conference serving a variety of interests in the small molecule analytical community.  The charter required the committee, comprised of diverse experience and interests, to deliberate on an agenda each year.  Simply because a conference was held the previous year was never a mandate for a succeeding year ensuring the agenda remained vital.

The CoSMoS conferences were found worthy, irreplaceable and unique and remained vital throughout a nearly 15 year history focused on the singular purpose of serving the interests of the small molecule analytical community.  Ultimately when a difficult decision was made, for a variety of reasons, to disband the organization it was done with much regret.

With sincere mutual respect and thanks to all those on the committees who brought their experience and expertise that made CoSMoS the rare and unique experience it was.  The archives and this website will be maintained for the remainder of 2017.

In addition to the world-class scientists who presented their work each year the following are especially noteworthy having served on the committees to create CoSMoS:


Michael Balogh, President, Executive Director

Kelan Dufault, CVS Caremark, MA

Karen Alsante (Director), Pfizer, CT

William Farrell (Director), Pfizer, CA

David Stranz (Director), Sierra Analytics, CA

Douglas Kiehl, (Director), Eli Lilly, IN

Sabra Botch-Jones, BU School of Medicine, MA

Elizabeth Hamelin, CDC, GA

Steve Castellino, GSK, NC

Ioana Popa-Burke, GSK, NC

Luke Miller, GSK, NC

Melissa Lindsay, GSK, NC

Gary Bowers, GSK, NC

Timothy Baker, P&G, OH

Kathleen Cox, Schering, NJ

Guy Carter, Wyeth, NJ

Oliver McConnell, Wyeth, NJ

Christine Aurigemma, Pfizer, CA

Justin Stroh, Pfizer, CT

Michelle Kelly, Pfizer, CT

Dan Norwood, Boerhinger-Ingelheim, CT

Nelu Grinberg, Boerhinger-Ingelheim, CT

Jennifer Granger, University of Utah

Larry Miller, Genentech, CA

Marcel Hop, Genentech, CA

Wei Pan, Catalent Pharma Solutions, NC

Justin Pennington, Merck, NJ

Ken Fountain, Waters Corp, MA

Damian Morrison, Waters Corp, MA

Suzanne Decatur, Waters Corp, MA

Lin Costagli, Agilent, CA

Elaine Ricicki, Agilent, CA

YingYing Huang, Thermo Fisher, CA

Kate Comstock, Thermo Fisher, CA

Jeff Standish, Univ of Minnesota, MN

Laura Bush, LCGC, Iselin, NJ

Alan Marks, Shimadzu Scientific, MD

The Conference on Small Molecule Science (CoSMoS) organized under the auspices of the Society for Small Molecule Science (a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization) creates a continuing discussion forum for research practices and instrumentation relevant to small molecule analysis and characterization and related practices.