2006 Sessions Downloads

CoSMoS 2006 Presentations

July 24-27, 2006
San Diego, California


Download Presentations (PDF files except as noted)

*New *- Tutorial: Chiral Seperations and Determination of Absolute Stereochemistry (a powerpoint file)

Trends in Drug Discovery
Chemical Shift Correlations in Drug Discovery – Methods and Applications
— Walter Massefski, Matthew Beaver – Wyeth Research

Will the Drugs of the Future Analyze like the Drugs of the Past
— Christopher Lipinski – Melir Discovery

Library Stewardship for the NIH Roadmap: Lessons in Highly Disparate Distribution of Compounds

— Douglas Livingston – NIH Small Molecule Repository

A Systematic Approach to Early Drug Discovery
— Ioana Popa-Burke – Amphora

Structure Elucidation
Recent Advances in Trace Quantity Sample Identification and Determination of Absolute Stereochemistry by NMR
— Igor Goljer – Wyeth

Recent Advances in the Development of Heteronuclear Correlation Experiments for Small Molecule Structure Elucidation
— Brian Marquez, R. Thomas Williamson – Pfizer, Roche

Negative Ion MS/MS Analysis of Drug-Like Compounds
— Justin Stroh – Wyeth

Investigating Counterfeit Drug Products -or -Why does my Anti-Malarial
cure my Headache but not much else? Presentation Unavailable
— Jean-Claude Wolff – GSK

Founding Sponsors
Six Productivity Innovations in Small Molecule Analysis in 30 Minutes
— Tony Brand, Doug McIntyre – Agilent

Small Molecule Structure ID: Is Automated Identification a Reality? — Presentation Unavailable  
— Brenda Kesler – Thermo

Improvements for Optimizing the Throughput of Small Molecule Purification
— Paul Lefebvre – Waters

New Software Applications from Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex; A Fresh Approach to Workflow Support and Accessibility — Presentation Unavailable     
— Byron Kieser – Applied Biosystems

A “Peak” at Chromatography in the Pharmaceutical Industry
— Jennifer Lefler – Thar

Compound Profiling
A More Efficient Method of Fatty Acid Analysis and the Determination of Carotenoid Content in Marine Ornamental Fishes
— Stephen O’Shea, Nancy Breen, Brad Bourque, Skip Pomeroy – Roger Williams University

Streamlines, High Throughput Methods for Data Generation and Data Evaluation — Presentation Unavailable   
—  Daniel Kassel – Takeda

Metabonomics and Data Handling – How to Overcome the Challenges of Data Processing and Interpretation
— John Shockcor – Waters

Library Quality
An Investigation into the Complexities of Library Quality
— Cynthia Jeffries – Chembridge Research Labs

Quantitative Quality Control Validation Studies: A Comparative
Evaluation of ELSD and NMR Quantification Results

— Amin Kamel – Pfizer

Comparison of Chemiluminescent Nitrogen Detection, Evaporative LIght Scattering, and NMR for High Throughput Quantification
— Kenneth Lewis – OpAns, LLC

Applied Science of Chromatography
High Temperature Chromatography on Hybrid Stationary Phases
— Nelu Grinberg – Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

Mythbusters – Using Fundamental Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies to
Debunk the Urban Legends of Separation Science — Presentation Unavailable   
— Victoria McGuffin – Michigan State University

Small Molecule Separations as Molecular Interaction Amplifiers
— Apryll Stalcup – University of Cincinnati

Novel Technology
Accelerator Mass Spectrometry in Drug Development at GSK
— Graeme Young – GSK

Rapid Quantitation Analysis of Small Molecules Using Nano-Electrospray – Differential Mobility Spectrometry – Mass Spectrometry
— Paul Vouros – Northeastern University

High Sensitivity Analysis of Volatile and Semi-volitile Compounds Using ASAP and GC/MS on an LC/MS Instrument
— Charles N. McEwen – Dupont