2009 Sessions Downloads

CoSMoS 2009 Presentations

August 3 – August 5, 2009
Boston, Ma

Downloads (PDF Files unless noted)

Session 1 – Outsource, Insource, Resource: Trends in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Should You Start a CRO? Ways to Get Science Done in Future Pharma
— Jeff Kiplinger, CEO Averica Discovery Services, Inc.

Outsourcing Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimization Work: When It Makes Sense to Bring it In-House – Economics and Case Studies
— Katya Tsaioun, CEO Apredica

Key Factors for Establishing Successful External Partnerships for Small Molecule Purification
— Gary Schulte, Kahuna Scientific Consulting, LLC

Session 2 – Expanding the Analytical Toolbox: Applying Innovative Technologies to Traditional Problems

Hyperspectral Raman Chemical Sensing Horizons
— Dor Ben-Amotz, Purdue University

Determination of Absolute Configuration Using Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD)
— Laurence A. Nafie, Syracuse University

Chiral Separation via Hydrodynamic Propulsion (Presentation is not availabale at this time)
— Mirianas Chachisvilis, Dynamic Connections

Session 3 – Multidimensional Chromatography and Selectivity in Chromatography

On the Advantages and Costs of Two-dimensional HPLC
— Georges Guiochon, University of Tennessee

Some Practical Aspects of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography
— Pavel Jandera, University of Pardubice

In Search of Orthogonal Selectivity: Maximizing Peak Capacity in Reversed-phase Chromatography
— Pamela Iraneta, Waters Corporation

Workshop – Impact of the Acetonitrile Crisis on Separation Technology and Chromatography Labs
Impact of the Acetonitrile Crisis

Session 4 – Trends in Small Molecule Characterization and Profiling

Patterns and Pathways: Using Chemistry to Guide the Characterization of Degradation Products
— Steve Baertschi, Eli Lilly

Automating Chemical Synthesis through Flow Chemistry
— Neal Sach, Pfizer

Structural Analysis of Small Molecules Using Precursor Ion Fingerprinting (PIF)
— Robert Mistrik, HighChem Ltd.

Session 5 -Characterization of Complex Materials

Monitoring DNA Damaging Thresholds Using LC-MS/MS and DNA Microarrays
— Jim Glick, Northeastern University

“Do You Really Really Want to Know What is in Bio-Diesel?”
— Michael Cheng, Chevron Energy and Technology Company

Molecular-level Resolution of Natural Organic Matter in Aquatic Environments by Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry
— Elizabeth B. Kujawinski, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Session 6 -Novel Techniques for Complex Mixture Analysis

Natural Product Screening and Hit Characterization using an Affinity Mass Spectrometry-Based Automated Ligand Identification System (ALIS)
— Christine L. Andrews, Schering?Plough Research Institute

Comprehensive LC-MS Profiling of M. tuberculosis Complex Lipids
— Mark J. Sartain, Colorado State University

LC-NMR: Applications, Permutations, and Methodology
— Paul A Keifer, Varian, Inc.

Excellence In Science Award Winner
Rose Gathungu, Northeastern University, Boston, MA