2010 Sessions Downloads

CoSMoS 2010 Presentations

September 27 – September 29, 2010
Portland, OR

Downloads (PDF Files unless otherwise noted)

Session 1 – 2000-2010, A Decade for the Chromatographer

Shell Particles Versus Totally Porus Particles. Where are We Today and Where are We Heading?
— Fabrice Gritti, Department of Chemistry, The University of Tennessee

Utilization of UPLC in Medicinal Chemistry Purification
— Chris Hamman, Genentech

Engineering the Transition from HPLC to UPLC Materials, Processes, Dispersion, and Surprises
— Dick Andrews, Waters Corporation

Session 2 – Novel Technologies
Molecular Cartography: Moving Towards Combined Topographical and Chemical Imaging
— Olga S. Ovchinnikova, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

A Life in Search for the Holy Grail of Petroleum Geochemists
— Keith Hall, Senior Research Fellow in Earth Sciences, Manchester University, UK

Field Analysis of a Variety of Chemicals Using Ruggedized Mass Spectrometry
— Garth Patterson, ICx Griffin Analytical

Session 3 – Approaches for Characterizing Small Molecules in Complex Mixtures

Characterization of Complex Raw Materials Via Normalized Mass Mapping of Fourier Transform Orbital Trapping Data
— Robert Strife, Procter & Gamble

Imaging and Characterization of Small Molecules from Tissues and Crude Cell Lysates
— Trent Northern, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Characterization of Extractables and Leachables for Parenteral Drug Products
— Cindy Zweiben, Pfizer

Session 4 – Sample Preparation And Quantitative Bioanalysis

How to Get Qualified Metabolite Standards in the Absence of Medicinal Chemistry Support
— Gregory S. Walker, Pfizer

LC-Captive Spray Ionization-MS: A Novel Technique to Integrate Qualitative and Quantitative Bioanalysis of Drugs and Metabolites
— Ragu Ramanathan, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Fit for Purpose Sample Preparation Strategies and Quantitative Bioanalysis by LC/MS/MS in a Discovery DMPK Laboratory — Ravi Rahavendran, Pfizer

Joint CoSMoS/SMASH Day

Session 5 -How Low Do You Need to Go Techniques, Applications and Considerations of Trace Analyses

Trace Analysis of Seized Drugs Using Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry
— Ira S. Lurie, Drug Enforcement Administration

An Investigation of Experimental Limits of Small Sample Heteronuclear 2D NMR
— Gary Martin, Merck

Trace Level Detection of Chemical Weapons Convention Compounds by Two-Dimensional C13-NMR Spectroscopy Using a Cryogenic Probehead and H1-Detection Technique
— Terry Henderson, US Army, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center

Forensic Drug Identification in Blood, Urine and Unconventional Matrices such as Hair, Saliva, Liver, Brain, Vitreous Humor
— Ashraf Mozayani, Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences

Session 6 -NMR and MS Imaging

NMR Microscopy of Formulated Pharmaceutical Products
— Andrew Phillips, AstraZeneca

MS Imaging: Snapshots of Tissue Distribution
— Stephen Castellino, US Structure ID, GlaxoSmithKline

Imaging Mass Spectrometry: A New Tool for Small Molecule Analysis
— Michelle L. Reyzer, Vanderbilt University

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