2015 Sessions Downloads

CoSMoS 2015 Presentations

August 17 – August 19, 2015
San Diego, California

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Day 1: Monday, August 17

Opening Remarks

Michael Balogh

Session 1:  Multidimensional Chromatographic Approaches for Highly Complex Samples

Christine Aurigemma, Pfizer
Alan Marks, Shimadzu

Separations of Small Molecules by Selective and Fully Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography – Recent Advances and Applications
Dwight Stoll
Gustavus Adolphus College
St. Peter, Minnesota

Is 2D-LC required for the analysis of complex mixtures of closely related species coming from C-H activation chemistry?
Erik L. Regalado
Merck Research Laboratories, New Jersey

Harnessing Multi-Dimensional Chromatography in Pharmaceutical Industry
C. J. Venkatramani
Genentech, CA

Session 2:   4th Annual Method Development Olympics
William Farrell, Pfizer
Karen Alsante, Pfizer
Jeffrey Kiplinger, Averica Discovery

Catalent Pharma Solutions


The Genetics Institute of the Novartis


Tutorial and workshop: The Small-Molecule Legal Landscape: A Path to a Successful Patent Strategy

Presented by:
Brian C. Trinque, PhD
Lathrop & Gage


Session 3:  small Molecule, BIG Science: Role and Impact of Analytical Chemistry Techniques for Ensuring Clean Water
Christine Aurigemma, Pfizer
Elaine Ricicki, Agilent
Alan Marks, Shimadzu

Toilet to Tap: Is it Safe?
Shane A. Snyder
Co-Director, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Occurrence of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) and some associated disinfection byproducts in southern California treated wastewater
Eric D. Nelson
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

Environmental Applications of GC-ICP-MS
Armando Durazo
Laboratory Manager, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
U of Arizona
Ar, O2, N2).

Session 4:  Second-tier Chiral Separation Approaches & Applications
Wolfgang Goetzinger, Amgen
William Farrell, Pfizer

Enantiomeric Resolution of Primary Amine Racemates Using Crown Ethers
Wesley W. Barnhart
Amgen, Thousand Oaks, CA

Non-chromatographic approaches to chiral resolution and purification
Neal Sach
Pfizer, La Jolla, CA


Wisdom of the Crowd
William Farrell – Moderator


Day 2: Tuesday, August 18
Session 5:  Extractables and Leachables: Analytical Approaches, Challenges and Case Studies
Douglas Kiehl, Lilly
David Stranz, Sierra Analytics

Examining Relevant Roles for Informatics and Software Technologies in Extractable and Leachables Studies
Patrick Wheeler
ACD Labs

Extractables and Leachables from a Toxicologist’s Perspective
Courtney Callis
Eli Lilly & Company

What is the Future of Leachables and Extractables Assessment?
Daniel L. Norwood
SCĪO Analytical Consulting, LLC
Presentation sponsored by Sierra Analytics

Session 6:  Perspectives in natural product research: “The good, the bad and the ugly”
Guest chairs:
Giorgis Isaac
Jimmy Yuk
Session Sponsored by Waters Corporation

Biome mining for natural product discovery using structural mass spectrometry and big data strategies
John A. McLean
Vanderbilt University

Stevia Glycosides: What Tastes Best?
James McChesney
Ironstone Separations
Etta, MS

Application of novel analytical techniques and data analysis tools for comprehensive metabolomics analysis from complex samples
Vladimir Shulaev
University of North Texas

Session 7:  Inside the Matrix: Improving workflow via innovative sample preparation
Jeffrey Standish, ACS
Alan Marks, Shimadzu
Sabra Botch-Jones, Boston University

Novel 3D Micro Extraction Technique with Multi-Dimensional Chromatography for Forensic Toxicological Analysis
Claude Mallet
Waters Corporation

Multipath Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry: On-Line Preparation and Multipath Separation for Simultaneous Small and Large Molecule Analysis
Kevin Schug
University of Texas at Arlington
Presentation sponsored by Shimadzu

Tunable Synthetic SLE
Matthew Brusius

Session 8:  Investigations: Making the Unknown Known
Sabra Botch-Jones, Boston University

Elaine Ricicki, Agilent

Biological Assays and Effect-Based Analyses: The Next Generation of Sports Doping Testing
Amy Cadwallader
Aegis Sciences Corporation

Clinical LC-MS/MS Assays and False Positives: Detection and Elucidation
David Masters-Moore
Millennium Health

Solid Phase Extraction of Forensically Relevant Compounds
Jeffrey Hackett
Forensic Laboratory Division-Office of Chief Medical Examiner
San Francisco
Presentation sponsored by CoSMoS


Day 3: Wednesday, August 19

Session 9:  Structure Elucidation
Justin Stroh, Pfizer
Oliver McConnell, Merck

Social Networks For Molecular Analysis
Pieter Dorrestein

Chiroptical Spectroscopy for Three Dimensional Molecular Structure Determination
Prasad L Polavarapu
Vanderbilt University
Presentation sponsored by CoSMoS

Elucidating the Components of Hemp Oil
Cathy Moore
Exova, Santa Fe Springs

Session 10:
Karen Alsante, Pfizer
Douglas Kiehl, Lilly
William Farrell, Pfizer

The Allotrope Framework: An innovative approach to improve data interchange, increase research efficiency & realize the full value of your data

Gang Xue
Amgen Inc.
Cambridge, MA

Session 11:   Analytical Quality By Design
Karen Alsante, Pfizer
Douglas Kiehl, Lilly
William Farrell, Pfizer

Chromatographic Method Development in an Analytical Quality by Design (AQbD) Framework
James Morgado

Application of Quality by Design (QbD): Pharmaceuticals to Containment and Delivery Systems
Diane Paskiet
West Pharmaceutical Services

Closing remarks / Conference adjourns